“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.”

- Steve Jobs

You need two skills in a Story Coach

Alright, so you’re convinced that storytelling is a critical skill to develop. But what makes Story Rules the right partner you ask?

Story Rules is unique because of two differentiators - a holistic approach to storytelling and the use of customized examples.


1. Holistic approach:

Storytelling is both a science and an art. You need a holistic, balanced approach that combines both ‘left-brain’ and ‘right-brain’ elements to make it work well.

I come from the world of numbers and business, given my past as a CA, MBA and management consultant (hey, don’t judge me… we all make mistakes).

But I also understand and appreciate the importance of ‘right-brain’ elements - an understanding that flowered during my years with a social enterprise and my history-storytelling startup. I’ve also immersed myself in great writing by remarkable storytellers - and try to bring that learning into my work.

So, I ‘get’ the world of business and also ‘get’ the world of stories. You get the holistic, complete picture.

You get the Science and the Art, the Head and the Heart of storytelling.

“Ravi is a masterful artist and practitioner of storytelling. The deep rigour, ability to connect the dots, multi-disciplinary approach make him a complete one at it. If you need a guide, mentor or an advisor in your professional lives and businesses, on this ancient yet rare discipline, look no further.”
- GovindaRaj Avarasala, Head Enterprise Marketing, Vodafone Idea
2. Customization

The world of storytelling techniques can seem like a distant island, disconnected from your land. Which is why it is important to build bridges. Bridges between your specific industry or function and the storytelling techniques being taught.

I build these bridges by doing four things:

  • Having specialized courses for specific audiences rather than a generic, one-size-fits-all course
  • Customization of modules (within those courses) that are most relevant to your use-cases.
  • Incorporating specific case-examples on storytelling from your own organization or from the industry.
  • Combining the conceptual understanding with individualized coaching on the participant's specific work stories/presentations

Due to this approach, the participants can make the most of the concepts and begin applying them to their work immediately.

“Ravi is truly a strong enabling partner for the organisation. He can work with you basis your requirements, customize and invest significantly to make the participant time worthwhile and full of learning.”
- Harsh Israni, AVP, Encore Capital Group

I've coached (and learnt from) a diverse list of clients 

Clients that span across industries and functions
“Ravi is a master of storytelling. Lots of people have the ability to take your idea and create a great story. Very few people can take an already great story and make it ‘wow’. Ravi did that magic for our speakers”
- Ashwin Naik, Serial Entrepreneur, TEDx Pune Leader