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High-stakes communication matters

You need to deliver a key client presentation, town-hall speech or industry forum talk.

You know that if you nail it, you can drive a ton of impact. Land a deal. Raise funding. Convince your seniors. Or generally feel good about yourself.

You deserve to feel good about yourself. You need to tell a good story.

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“This is the best training I have attended at my company. The facilitator was the best ever (that I have encountered).”
- Participant, Leading Analytics firm

I can help you tell a great story at work...

Hi, I’m Ravi and I stumbled into the vast and fascinating world of storytelling after a career that spanned finance, consulting, the social sector and … a startup that tried to make history interesting (don’t ask).

You can read the (longish) story of my journey here
“Ravi knows the science behind the story. His is a simple repeatable and scalable approach that brings real results.”
Kevin Ignatius, KPMG Management Consulting

Story Rules has two differentiators

So you’re convinced that storytelling is a critical skill to develop. But what makes Story Rules different you ask?

Story Rules is unique because of two differentiators - a holistic approach to storytelling and the use of customized examples.

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...And proven expertise with a wide range of Clients

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