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“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”
- Dr. Howard Gardner

Customised training programs for organizations

Consulting, Analytics and Data Science

You are from the data-heavy world of Consulting, Analytics, Research or Data-Science. Presentations are your bread-and-butter and you can put together a 30-slide deck in your sleep.

But your presentations lack the zing that clients have increasingly come to expect. Also, often clients find your slides too complex or ‘busy’. They complain, “Don’t give us all the data, just tell us the story”.

Or it could be that you have junior to mid-level consultants who struggle to extract a coherent story from the analysis. Their slides tend to be too data-heavy and lack a clear narrative. This leaves you with an inordinate amount of presentation ‘cleaning up’ to do.

Things don’t have to be this way. Using simple but powerful storytelling frameworks, you can learn to create clear, visual narratives that movie clients to action.

Reach out to me to explore the ‘Data Storytelling for Consulting and Analytics’ workshop options.

Your firm – and your clients – deserve a better story. 

Ravi knows the science behind the story. His is a simple repeatable and scalable approach that brings real results.” – Kevin Ignatius, KPMG Management Consulting

Finance/Business Reviews

You are a part of the leadership team in a large organisation. Every month, your team members from across divisions and functions – Business Heads, Finance, HR – meet for a time-honoured ritual: The Business Review presentation.

You do not particularly look forward to these sessions. The slides are filled to the gills with data. You squint your eyes to read the table in font-size 8. And you struggle to understand what is actually happening with the business, even as the presenter drones on in excruciating detail.

I would suffer a heartburn each time I saw the presentations prepared by my colleagues” – CEO of an India-based travel company (who was a client).

Or perhaps – you are one of the presenters. You wonder why the audience is unable to ‘get’ your story. After all, you have covered all the information that they asked for. Under the 5-slide limit. (So what if you had to use font-size 8 on most of the tables).

Ladies and gentlemen, your organisation been subjected to ‘Death by PowerPoint’.

But things don’t have to be so ineffective. You can learn to create and present narrative-driven visual presentations that tell a clear, accurate and engaging story of the business. Presentations that result in better discussions during review meetings. And more importantly, better decisions.

Reach out to me to explore an actionable workshop for your team on ‘Data Storytelling for Leadership Reviews’.

Super-charge your next review meeting with the power of storytelling.

“Ravi’s name was suggested by our Training Head for training about 30 of our Managers. I was to attend only a couple of hours but the session was so outstanding that I spent the whole day getting into the concepts of telling a story with data and then practicing them with the team! He made it so simple that each of the team thought they could present as well as the folks from McKinsey. Ravi broke down the art of presenting into some very basic and easy to understand/implement steps.” – Sandeep Batra, CFO, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals


You head a large technology team in a leading corporate. Your team builds powerful products and features. Features which significantly improve the lives of users.

But you struggle to tell the story of your work. Your presentations tend to be filled with technical jargon, the slides are busy, and the audience is left underwhelmed.

Things don’t need to be this way, however. Even with technically dense content, it is possible to tell a story that is clear, evocative and compelling.

Reach out to me to explore the ‘Business Storytelling for Technology’ workshop.

Your stellar work deserves a stellar story.

Ravi is a masterful artist and practitioner of story telling. The deep rigour, ability to connect the dots, multi-disciplinary approach make him a complete one at it. If you need a guide, mentor or an advisor in your professional lives and businesses, on this ancient yet rare discipline, look no further.” – GovindaRaj Avasarala, Head Enterprise Marketing, Vodafone Business

Other functions

You are a leader in a critical function in a leading organisation – it could be Sales, Marketing, Operations or HR. You need to be making frequent presentations to key internal and external stakeholders. And you’ve been doing it for several years now. 

But you are unable to bring the right amount of clarity, engagement and persuasiveness to your communication. 

Make an impact in your high-stakes presentations. Reach out to me to explore the Data Storytelling or Business Storytelling course, which would be customised to your requirement.

Ravi is truly a strong enabling partner for the organisation. He can work with you basis your requirements, customize and invest significantly to make the participant time worthwhile and full of learning.” – Harsh Israni, AVP, Encore Capital Group

Story Coaching for Leaders

One-on-One Coaching for Leaders

You lead a large team, and bring in great results. But you struggle to communicate the story of your work to your clients and stakeholders. As a result, the perception of your work quality does not match the reality.

Or you are convinced about the need to implement a new idea that excites you. But to execute it, you need to persuade your colleagues and stakeholders. Those chaps just don’t get it, however. And your brilliant idea remains on paper.

You can change these outcomes, however, by building your storytelling muscle. This ancient yet timeless craft is highly learnable. All you need to do is to have an open mind to understand the relevant frameworks and tools and practise using them at work with the right guidance and encouragement.

Reach out to me to explore Coaching options to enhance your storytelling skills.

Your great ideas and work deserve great storytelling. 

I have had Ravi to come to my organization more than once for Business Storytelling. Highest recommendation from my side. We have highly benefited from his structured and creative workshop!” – Sr HR Leader, Amdocs

Online Courses for Individual Learners

Online Course

High-stakes communication matters. Storytelling Techniques can help you win.

If you’d like to go from comments like these:

  • “You have no head or tail in presentation”
  • “Can you please get to the point?!”
  • “Too much complicated data, there’s no story here!”

To comments like these:

  • “Well thought through, insightful, action items clearly defined”
  • “Simple and engaging. To the point!”
  • “This is exactly what I wanted to see. As head of the business I feel proud of such a presentation !”

…you need to learn ‘Effective Storytelling with Data‘.

Explore the e-Course site for all details about the self-paced e-Course.

Five weeks of exclusive training in Data Story Telling by Ravishankar Iyer has changed my perspective on data presentations. Doesn’t seem boring and difficult anymore 🙂 . It was one of the best virtual trainings I have experienced so far, and a big thank you to Ravi, to make it so interactive and exciting”. – Akhila Ali, Lead Executive – HR, Seneca Global

Keynotes for Large Audiences


Would you like to energise a large audience at a conference or industry talk? Enthrall them with the power of stories? Educate and leave them with actionable takeaways?

Then you can reach out to me for organising a short, memorable keynote on the magic of storytelling.

Check out this video series for a demo.


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