#SOTD 14: A simple example of Visual storytelling

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#SOTD 14: A simple example of Visual storytelling

Sometimes just a simple visual can be powerful in getting a point across.​

The human body is a marvel of bio-engineering.​

But even thousands of words written on that topic cannot compare with this simple and short video which creates a visual representation of various bodily organs and functions.

You’d find that the video uses the following techniques

– The ‘Show, don’t just tell’ principle.

– Controlling the release of information

– ‘Anthropomorphism’ – when they show “little humans” performing the actions inside.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you need to employ visual artists to create eye-catching videos!​

The lesson I’d take from this is – use more visuals to clarify something complex and make it more relatable.​

That may mean:

  • Replacing tables with the right charts
  • Instead of just saying “the launch was a success”, showing a picture of massive crowds lined up outside the store
  • Instead of just saying, “We’ve significantly simplified the process”, show two sets of screenshots/screen captures – one with the old process and one showing the new version
  • Instead of just saying “customers are loving the product”, show a screenshot with customer ratings and reviews and if possible testimonial videos
  • Also use animation – control the release of information

You get the picture!

#SOTD 14

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