#SOTD 18: Every war is fought on two fronts

1. Make me Understand / 3. Make me Care / 5. General

#SOTD 18: Every war is fought on two fronts

On Monday, I came across a superb article by Santosh Desai, social commentator and leader from the advertising world.

Santosh writes about the two fronts of every war: The Battlefield and The Media.​

What drives the war of narratives? Who’s winning it in the Russia-Ukraine war? Why?​

Do narratives even matter?​

These are some of the questions that Santosh tackles in his piece.

​I found it a good case study of the use of the Pyramid Principle to organise the points and the flow of the article.​

Here’s my take on the key points made by Santosh, broken down using the Pyramid Principle.

Here are the story techniques used in the piece:​

#SOTD 18

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