Transform your business outcomes through Narrative-driven Reviews

A tool to transform your internal review meetings
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Transform your business outcomes through Narrative-driven Reviews

I have a dream. Of transforming company outcomes through Narrative-Driven Reviews.

Let me explain through three main points:
1. Business Review meetings matter
2. But in their current form, they are broken
3. I can help you fix them

1. Review meetings matter
Review meetings are “expensive” – requiring a whole day (or more) of precious senior management time, plus time spent by presenters in preparing the decks.

They can also change the firm’s direction for the better.

After working for months in their team silos, presenters get a chance to showcase the state of their business, analyse key trends, and get inputs from senior leaders.

Thoughtful presenters can trigger meaningful discussions on their most pressing business challenges, use the collective brainpower of the room to delve into root causes, and learn from others who have ‘been there and done that’.

These powerful discussions can yield new insights, leading to smarter decisions. Decisions that can change the trajectory of the leader, the unit… and the organisation as a whole.

2. But most review meetings are broken
As against the ideal scenario described above, review meetings in most organisations are broken.

Instead of clear narratives, the reviewers are subjected to several slides packed to the gills with data.

Instead of deep discussions about the root cause, precious minutes are lost on basic questions that should have been clear from a quick read of the slide.

Instead of presenting an honest and open appraisal of their business, presenters focus on C. Y. A. tactics and aim to just exit unscathed from the meeting. To do that, they hide bad news and amplify the good stuff.

And instead of a curious and empathetic approach, leaders nose around the slides looking for what’s wrong.

This problem has been exacerbated by two trends: an explosion of data and a crash in audience attention spans.

But this seemingly intractable problem can be fixed.

3. I can help you fix this situation
I can help you transform your business review process through the power of Narrative-Driven Reviews.

Crafting Narrative-Driven Reviews is a skill that can be learned by presenters. It’s a new way of approaching reviews that will make leaders actually look forward to these meetings.

And as a CEO, it will help you get a much better understanding of your business, make smarter decisions, and transform your outcomes.


I have a dream – of transforming *your* company’s outcomes through Narrative-Driven Reviews.

Do you also share that dream? If yes, then let’s talk.

For this to succeed, there are three key requirements:
– As the leader, fixing the review process has to be a Top-3 priority for you.
– You must have full authority to change the review process as you want.
– This will require your complete and unflinching support and drive

Interested? Fill in the short survey and we can talk.

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