A overview of my work in storytelling: Training and Content creation

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A overview of my work in storytelling: Training and Content creation

Hi, I’m Ravi, the founder of Story Rules and this post offers a quick overview of my work (as of Dec 2023).

My work has two parts:
1. Storytelling training and coaching for corporates and non-profits
2. Content creation on storytelling

1. Storytelling training and coaching
Most of my time is spent conducting structured, engaging, and high-impact workshops for corporate leaders.

Since 2016, some of my clients include: Accenture, Amdocs, Cipla, Flipkart, JP Morgan Chase, Medtronic, Unilever, and Walmart.

At these companies, I primarily work with mid-senior level leaders (around 30-50 years age group) who would like to learn storytelling techniques to get better outcomes during high-stakes communication events.

Most of my workshops are in-person. Online versions are also available.

Check this link for more on my services: https://www.storyrules.com/services/

If you’d like to learn these techniques as an individual, you can check out my Data Storytelling self-paced e-course: https://storyrules.thinkific.com/courses/effective-storytelling-with-data-esd-self-paced

If you are a non-profit and want to enhance your pitch story, you can delve into this free e-course for social sector fundraising: https://storyrules.thinkific.com/courses/pitch-storytelling-for-the-social-sector

Coaching: I also offer bespoke mentoring/coaching services for leaders (CXOs) to enhance their storytelling skills. These are best availed as preparation for crucial high-stakes events.

2. Content creation on storytelling
I write about storytelling concepts, examples, and conversations through four platforms:
a. Blog
b. Weekly newsletter
c. Podcast
d. YouTube

a. Blog: I write three types of posts:
i. Long-form essays: I’ve written two such essays
– On why Causality matters in storytelling https://www.storyrules.com/causality-the-elusive-c-at-the-heart-of-story/
– On how I became a Story Coach https://www.storyrules.com/my-quest-for-ikigai/

ii. Normal posts: These are usually on specific storytelling topics. The three most popular posts:
– 1-3-9: A simple story structuring tool https://www.storyrules.com/a-story-structuring-framework-as-easy-as-1-3-9/
– 10 guidelines for impactful presentations https://www.storyrules.com/10-guidelines-to-make-impactful-powerpoint-presentations/
– Crafting a winning sales deck https://www.storyrules.com/the-7cs-story-framework-crafting-a-winning-sales-deck/

iii. Short takes through hashtag#SOTDs (Story of the Day): These break down specific examples of good storytelling https://www.storyrules.com/?sfid=5822&_sft_content_type=sotd

b. Weekly newsletter: Every Saturday I share 6 examples of good storytelling (across 3 tweets, 2 articles, and 1 long-form piece) along with my take. You can subscribe here (https://story-rules-newsletter.ck.page/111fa2fb83) to get it in your email or here https://www.linkedin.com/newsletters/7137322948016623616/ to get it on LinkedIn.

c. Podcast: Where I interview leading storytellers and explore their approach to the craft.
– My most popular episode is with standup comedian, Aravind SA: https://www.storyrules.com/e08-aravind-sa-standup-comedian-and-storyteller-extraordinaire/
– One of my favourites is with VC Sajith Pai: https://www.storyrules.com/e17-sajith-pai-foremost-thought-leader-of-indias-startup-ecosystem-2/
All episodes here: https://www.storyrules.com/?sfid=5822&_sft_content_type=podcasts

d. Youtube: Nascent platform for me – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5QplLYv7-m_0436kbEUbYQ

Here’s the link to all my content across platforms: https://www.storyrules.com/content-hub/

Feel free to reach out through DMs on LinkedIn or Twitter!

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