Chapter 2: The Human Immune System – Our Defense Forces

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Chapter 2: The Human Immune System – Our Defense Forces

Phew, it’s finally ready!

About a month back, I had published the first chapter of my e-book ‘Covid-19. Explained.’ on the basic science of Covid-19.

I was quite overwhelmed by the response – thank you!

Of course, the response just raised the bar for the next chapter for me.

And, while working on the same, as I shared last week, I got a bit lost in the ocean of immunology.

In this second chapter, I’ve tried my best to simplify an incredibly complex (and utterly fascinating) phenomenon – the human immune system and its response to Covid-19.

Let me know what you think. Here you go: Covid-19. Explained.

Many many thanks to Prof. Satyajit Rath for his invaluable inputs.

Cover photo by Specna Arms on Unsplash

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