Introducing: 3-2-1 by Story Rules

Introducing 3-2-1 by Story Rules
5. General

Introducing: 3-2-1 by Story Rules

🐦 3 Tweets of the week

They say journalism is the first draft of history, and first drafts are supposed to be shitty. This tweet offers a good question to ponder.

This LinkedIn profile is a great example of boiling down a job to its simplest essence.

Shreyas has a point – though the Sunday evening blues never fully go away, at least for me.

📄 2 Articles of the week

a. The Attention Span. “Weight of the World.”

A thought-provoking piece that builds on this quote by Jess McGawley: “Parents are good at preparing the money for the person, they are often less good at preparing the person for the money.”

b. Everything You Can’t Have by Morgan Housel

Your brain does not crave new stuff like cars, clothes and cottages – it craves dopamine.

🎤 1 podcast episode of the week

a. Building for Tomorrow by the a16z podcast

Jason Feifer of the brilliant Build for Tomorrow podcast summarises his recent book and shares six ideas about how you can adapt better to change (and influence others too).

That’s it – a short and hopefully sweet beginning to the ‘3-2-1 by Story Rules’ series.

Please let me know what you think of the new format.

And yes, please share with me your request for long-form posts on storytelling and recommendations for podcast guests!

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