#SOTD 30: 13 books to learn storytelling

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#SOTD 30: 13 books to learn storytelling

Books are a magical way to convert a Rs. 300 product into a Rs. 300,000 course.

Ask me – I’ve been doing it for the last 6 years of my life!​

So looking at ‘The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling Techniques’, I thought I’ll share a list of the 13 most influential books which have helped me come up with the framework.​

So here’s the latest version of the 50+ tools, tips and techniques I use in my training:

Instead of just listing the books, I have “tagged” them to the relevant storytelling technique that the book covers.​

And these are the 13 books which have most influenced me:

Considering 4 weeks for 1 book, you can cover all 13 within a year :)​

Happy reading!

​#SOTD 30

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