#SOTD 50: Startups get social acceptance through Shark Tank!

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#SOTD 50: Startups get social acceptance through Shark Tank!

Hooray, we have reached the #SOTD 50 milestone!

Might be a good time to announce that I’m taking a two-week break, as I head out on vacation with family. #SOTD will be back from Monday, 9th May!

Around 2010, a partner with Accel Ventures gets a call from a startup founder with an unusual request: To convince his prospective father-in-law that being an entrepreneur was ok and to give him (the founder) permission to marry his daughter!

For the longest time, working in a startup meant an uncertain future. And old Indian fathers were not particularly inclined to allow their daughters to get married to someone who didn’t have a “stable job”.

But that story is changing.

In an extract from the Capital Allocators podcast, Sajith Pai highlights this fascinating story on Twitter.

A picture may be worth a thousand words. A story can tell a million.

#SOTD 50

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