#SOTD 49: Clear messages on top of charts

1. Make me Understand / 2. Make me Engaged / 5. General

#SOTD 49: Clear messages on top of charts

Normally when we create charts, we just put a title on top like this one by the US CDC:

Source: CDC

Instead, it could have a message on top of the title. Something like: ‘Covid Hospitalisation rates almost 4-5X for African Americans and Hispanic Americans as compared to White Americans’The issue with this chart is that it makes you actually pore through the chart (with the legend, colours etc) to understand what it wants to say.

Here is an example of a recent chart with a clear message on top tweeted by Oliver Barnes of the Financial Times:

Source: FT

Also note:Having that clear message above makes it easier and faster for the reader to understand.

  • The right choice of chart (line)
  • Clear titles and legend
  • Light gridlines that fade to the background

#SOTD 49

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