#SOTD 65: An aww-shucks story by Ryan Reynolds

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#SOTD 65: An aww-shucks story by Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, the Hollywood actor famous for the Deadpool movies is a maverick genius.

I’ve been a big fan of his hilarious promotional videos for products like ‘Aviation Gin‘, ‘Mint Mobile‘ and also his movies.

But this video is a different one.

Ryan is being interviewed by the veteran David Letterman for the Netflix series ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’.

Letterman asks him about his childhood – whether it was a happy one.

Ryan is circumspect and states that he had his dark periods… Letterman nods “uh-huh” and lets him continue.

And then Ryan comes up with a beaut of a story

It’s a story featuring his earrings. And three fabulous elder brothers.

Ryan’s story ticks so many boxes

  • It is visual – from the beginning to the end, we are with him
  • It is superbly delivered – the right pauses, emphasis, expressions
  • It is emotional. Uff that ending…
  • …and is also surprising

#SOTD 65

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