#SOTD 34: Three comic-strip style slides to illustrate a transition

1. Make me Understand / 2. Make me Engaged

#SOTD 34: Three comic-strip style slides to illustrate a transition

From almost nothing in 1990, the Indian IT+BPM sector’s estimated contribution to India’s exports is now a whopping 35-40%. The IT sector has been a key engine of growth for the Indian economy over the last 30 years.​

Guess which sector is taking over that mantle now.​

In three simple, data-driven slides, the Indus Valley Annual Report lays out its argument:

Note the data storytelling techniques used in the three slides above:​

  • All have a clear summarising message above (the addition of a secondary or subordinate message is also a good technique)
  • Each of them feature the ‘comic-strip’ style slide design method. I’d earlier written about it here, when analysing a twitter thread. The above example is more relevant, since it features actual slides.
  • Each slide is divided into 2 panels
  • In each ‘panel’ the message sits on top with the (simple) visual below
  • The narrative ‘flows’ between the panels and slide

​The overall effect: The messages come out clearly for the audience to understand.​

#SOTD 34

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