#SOTD 32: A picture worth a million words

1. Make me Understand / 2. Make me Engaged / 3. Make me Care

#SOTD 32: A picture worth a million words

How do you begin a 102-page report on the Indian startup space?​

Perhaps with an Agenda slide. Or an ‘Executive Summary’ filled with several paragraphs of imposing text. Or an Acknowledgements section.​

Sajith Pai and Amal Vats did none of the above.

In a fascinating 102-slide narrative on the “Indus Valley” (their moniker for the Indian startup ecosystem), Sajith and Amal uncover many incredible insights about this fast-growing corner of the global economy.​
Over this week, I shall unpack some of the interesting storytelling techniques used by them in this presentation.​

Let’s get back to that starting slide. So how do the writers begin this report?​

With an evocative picture. A picture that speaks a million words in describing the unique and seemingly contradictory nature of the Indian economy.

​This picture captures the contradictions (contrast) in today’s India. It also gives you that sense of familiarity. We have all seen folks at signals selling stuff.

When you are starting a long data-heavy presentation, put extra effort in thinking about your beginning.

​#SOTD 32

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