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- Ira Glass

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Writing was an accountant’s invention

1. Book a. ‘Sapiens: The Graphic Novel (Volume 1)’ by Yuval Noah Harari​ Many of you would have read ‘Sapiens’. Almost all of you would have definitely heard of it. So this recommendation may seem a bit dated. But bear with me. Two things happened, coincidentally, in the previous month – which led me to a realisation. One I re-read Sapiens (the original book) – cover to cover. And two, my wife (Praveena; linking her venture here because she’s not active on SM!) came across a ‘graphic novel’ adaptation of the book. (The graphic novel covers only a part of the original book. …

Mihir Dalal

The Story Rules Podcast E04: Mihir Dalal: The Writer of India’s Best Business Book – 2020 (Transcript)

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Mihir Dalal

E04: Mihir Dalal: The Writer of India’s Best Business Book – 2020

The Story of India’s most valuable startup “So when I would start writing every day at 10:30-11 am, the first two hours would just be spent on rewriting, and editing the previous day’s work…. So it was not just once, I think I would have edited my own work at least 12-13 times” – says Mihir Dalal.​​​12-13 times. Gosh, that can be tiring.​But when you toil to this extent, the results are bound to be good. And they were.​​Mihir Dalal, a business journalist who’s been with Mint, Reuters and CNBC – wrote his first book ‘Big Billion Startup – The Untold …


Getting 450 people to emotionally connect… in a Zoom call

It is the fag end of a long Zoom training session that I am attending. About 450 attendees still remain from the 750-odd who’ve joined. Then, one person asks a thoughtful, logical question. And the response by the facilitator – Tiago Forte – has us stumped. Speechless. And further in awe of him. Building a Second Brain Tiago Forte is a superstar thought-leader in the fascinating new world of PKM (Personal Knowledge Management). PKM consists of a set of techniques and practices to make better use of the knowledge that you consume (through books, articles, podcasts, videos et al) and ensure that …


COVID-19. EXPLAINED. [Chapter 1]

This is a different kind of post. I’ve always been fascinated by good science writing. Writers like Jared Diamond and Bill Bryson have explained complex concepts using simple language and evocative metaphors. After more than a year of being with Covid-19, I thought there should be some good writing about this devastating disease. But I couldn’t really find a resource that really explained what this disease was. Basic, fundamental questions. – What is this virus? – What does it actually do in our body? – Why do the stated remedies work? And so on. So I decided to attempt writing …

Swanand Kelkar

The Story Rules Podcast E3: Swanand Kelkar – Writing investment theses for a $3B+ portfolio (Transcript)

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Swanand Kelkar

E3: Swanand Kelkar – Writing investment theses for a $3B+ portfolio

Sajith is a VC at Blume Ventures and arguably the most astute observer and thought-leader on India’s vibrant start-up ecosystem. …


Your brain is an accountant

Hi folks, I hope you and your family are ok in these turbulent and heart-rending times. ​We are doing ok at home (thanks for asking). ​Of course, there is a feeling of being overwhelmed, of being powerless. It’s not easy to cope. Of course, we can try to help others, donate money, time and other help. But at an individual level, it can be tough to deal with the feeling of helplessness. ​In such a situation, I liked the perspective shared by a close friend, Andy Krishnamurthy: ‘It is important to take care of your mental health in such times, because …


A storytelling lesson from the Valmiki Ramayana

I know. Things are looking crazy grim. ​I just hope that you and your loved ones are doing okay during these scary times. Stay strong, stay safe. ​Meanwhile, I thought I’ll take your mind off the pandemic with this captivating extract from an ancient story. ​The story of a fascinating conversation Two brothers are walking in a dense forest. The setting is beautiful. ​It is spring. There’s an eye-catching lake filled with lilies and lotuses in full bloom. The lush grass shines like a gorgeous carpet. Treetops are covered with scent-laden flowers and entwined with flowering creepers. A gentle breeze …

Shrehith Karkera-s

E2: Shrehith Karkera – The Storyteller who simplifies financial news for 400K plus readers

Sajith is a VC at Blume Ventures and arguably the most astute observer and thought-leader on India’s vibrant start-up ecosystem. …


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